• The Avant Vélo Podcast

    At the intersection of art and cycling.

    San Francisco, CA

    Co-founder of MASH SF, a photographer and filmmaker, Mike has created a worldwide community devoted to having fun on bikes.

    Oakland, CA

    Visual artist working primarily with wood and found objects. Jeff is a RISD graduate and works part time as the in house art curator for Clif Bar in Emeryville, CA.

    San Francisco, CA

    A textile artist working exclusively with found materials, Mansur crafts visual narratives of various scales while also working full time as a high school guidance counselor.

    Napa, CA

    Owner of Retrotec and Inglis Cycles, Curtis has been building bicycle frames in California since the 1990s. Curtis learned his trade in the Air Force and is a respected craftsperson and small car aficionado.